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The Stonehenge Company works closely with its sister company, Lead Building Company, to make visions become a reality. With many years of experience in construction management, Lead Building Company successfully can handle individual single-family homes to 100,000 square feet commercial properties.

Public Collaborations

Town Centers

The heart and soul of any thriving community is its Town Center. At The Stonehenge Company, we recognize this attribute and are dedicated to developing vibrant, dynamic town centers that strengthen communities and reflect the unique personalities of the residents and businesses who compose them.


While working with forward-thinking municipalities, we have combined our experience in developing residential, office, and retail communities to create some of the most innovative and energetic town centers in the Central Ohio.


At the heart of the historic downtown Dublin, lies BriHi Square. Located at the prominent intersection of Bridge and High streets, BriHi offers the ideal spot to eat, shop, & play. Nestled in the center of the square is the public plaza, complete with cobblestone walkways, courtyard and sparkling water features, making it the perfect gathering place for friends & family.

Northland Village

Using the notoriety Northland Mall once possessed, Northland Village provides revitalization for the area and the Northland name.


The new development has been able to provide homes to a diverse clientele, from Ohio Department of Taxation in the former Lazarus building to the Franklin County Animal Shelter. Other occupants include:


  • Job and Family Services Department
  • Franklin County Board of Elections
  • Mernard’s Home Improvement Center
  • Rehearsal home for local performance group Vaud-Villities
  • Additional retail, restaurant space and professional offices



As one of central Ohio’s leading builders and developers of luxury homes, condominiums, office spaces and mixed-use developments, The Stonehenge Company recognizes what it takes to make a community more than just a place. Since our founding in 1987, our mission has been to build and develop attractive, sophisticated residential and commercial environments that meet the needs and desires of home and business owners, municipalities, and neighbors. We are committed to more than just laying the simple brick and mortar of the buildings that compose the communities in which we work. Instead, we strive to capture and reflect the unique elements that define them.


From the very first home we built in 1987 to our current town center developments at BriHi Square in Dublin and Northland Village in Columbus, The Stonehenge Company has been built on a foundation of quality and integrity. Whether it’s building residential homes and condominiums, professional offices, restaurants and retail spaces, event centers, or entire mixed–used developments, we take pride in our ability to deliver high-quality products, efficiently and cost effectively, and with an unsurpassed attention to detail. We are also committed to doing what is right. We hold ourselves and our vendors to the highest ethical standards, with an uncompromising belief of always being straightforward and honest. At The Stonehenge Company, we provide the strong foundations on which communities are built.


As one of the leading builders and developers in the greater-Columbus area, The Stonehenge Company is committed to building and developing exemplary projects in fine communities. Our offices are locally-based in Dublin, Ohio and our associates are integrated into the central Ohio community. We participate in community service, we regularly meet with leaders to advocate growth and development, and we collaborate with city officials to promote the economic well-being of the area. The Stonehenge Company’s president and founder, Mo Dioun, is especially interested in supporting the communities in which we build and we believe in being a part of the communities in which we work.

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